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Santarelli M. F., Positano V., Marchesini P., Landini L., Marzullo P., Benassi A. Multimodal cardiac image fusion by geometrical features registration and warping. In: IEEE Computers in Cardiology, vol. 28 pp. 277 - 280. IEEE, 2001.
Multimodal image fusion is an important step in multiparametric analysis from different cardiac images recorded over time from different imaging modalities. In fact, low resolution images, such as PET or SPECT can be integrated with high resolution images as MRI or CTI, to show both perfusion and structure information in the same representation. A fundamental step in this integration process is to bring the modalities involved into spatial alignment, a procedure referred as multimodal image fusion. In the present paper we describe a method for multimodal cardiac images fusion, consisting on segmentation, registration and warping phases
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/7697/21059/00977646.pdf?isnumber=21059&prod=CNF&arnumber=977646&arSt=277&ared=280&arAuthor=Santarelli%2C+M.F.%3B+Positano%2C+V.%3B+Marcheschi%2C+P.%3B+Landini%2C+L.%3B+Marzullo%2C+P.%3B+Benassi%2C+A.
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