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Carpeggiani C., Dalmiani S., Taddei A., Franchi D., Michelassi C., Chelozzi L., Emdin M., Macerata A., Benassi A., L'Abbate A. Use of an electronic medical record in a department of cardiology. In: IEEE Computers in Cardiology, vol. 27 pp. 291 - 294. IEEE, 2000.
A computer-network infrastructure was realized to integrate the different remote cardiovascular diagnostic laboratories with the data derived from CCU and the administrative information. A variety of heterogeneous data, texts, signals, images is gathered from each peripheral unit, stored into a relational database (ARCA), processed and presented to health-care personnel by network-connected clinical workstations. From August 1999 to August 2000 the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of 754 patients hospitalized in a Cardiological department were collected; 7808 procedures were digitally integrated and for each patient was possible to calculate the number of tests performed during hospitalization and the quantity of drugs assumed. The use of EMR allowed to obtain rapidly a clinical data integration, to access to patient data from any clinical lab; to collect information to obtain patient cost definition
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/7213/19426/00898514.pdf?isnumber=19426&prod=CNF&arnumber=898514&arSt=291&ared=294&arAuthor=Carpeggiani%2C+C.%3B+Dalmiani%2C+S.%3B+Taddei%2C+A.%3B+Franchi%2C+D.%3B+Michelassi%2C+C.%3B+Chelozzi%2C+L.%3B+Emdin%2C+M.%3B+Macerat
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