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Jager F., Taddei A., Emdin M., Dorn R., Moody G. B., Glavic B., Smrdel A., Varanini M., Zabukovec M., Bordigiago S., Marchesi C., Mark R. G. The Long-Term ST database: a research resource for algorithm development and physiologic studies of transient myocardial ischemia. In: IEEE Computers in cardiology, vol. 27 pp. 841 - 844. IEEE, 2000.
Presents the Long Term ST Database, a collection of eighty 24-hour two and three lead ECG records from ambulatory subjects with transient ST segment abnormalities. The database provides a comprehensive standard research resource for quantitatively assessing the performance of automated detectors of transient ischemia, and for supporting basic research into the mechanisms and dynamics of transient ischemia. Records of the database contain annotated significant transient ischemic ST episodes, non-ischemic ST episodes caused by heart rate related changes, non-ischemic ST events due to axis shifts or QRS conduction changes, and individual QRS and rhythm annotations, all made by human experts
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/7213/19426/00898656.pdf?isnumber=19426&arnumber=898656
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