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Sambuceti G., L'Abbate A., Marzilli M. Why should we study the coronary microcirculation?. In: American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, vol. 279 pp. 2581 - 2584. The American Physiological Society, 2000.
THE QUESTION we are posing to the readers is why should we study the microcirculation of the heart. First, let us define who are "we." In this issue of the American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology, a collection of papers are included as part of a Special Call on "Emerging Concepts in the Control of the Coronary Microcirculation." It is obvious why the coronary microcirculation should be studied from a basic perspective; even the most seminal reactions, autoregulation and metabolic dilation, are incompletely understood. Our editorial will not highlight basic problems but rather discuss the clinical importance of the coronary microcirculation. Our opinion is that the "we" who should study the coronary microcirculation are both basic scientists and clinicians, so that a much clearer understanding of the role of coronary microvessels in the etiology of ischemic heart disease may be elucidated.
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