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Sabatino L., Iervasi G., Ferrazzi P., Francesconi D., Chopra I. J. A study of iodothyronine 5'-monodeiodinase activities in normal and pathological tissues in man and their comparison with activities in rat tissues. In: Life Sciences, vol. 68 (02) pp. 191 - 202. Elsevier Science Inc, 2000.
The present study was undertaken to investigate the peripheral iodothyronine 5 '-monodeiodination in different human and rat tissues. We studied iodothyronine 5 '-monodeiodinase type I (5 '-DI) activity in liver, kidney, intestine, right cardiac atrium and skeletal muscle and we compared the results with those in rat tissues. Iodothyronine 5 '-monodeiodinase type II (5'-DII) activity was studied in normal and ischemic human heart and in rat normal myocardium and brain. The 5 '-DI activity (fmol/min
URL: http://scienceserver.cilea.it/cgi-bin/sciserv.pl?collection=journals&journal=00243205&issue=v68i0002&article=191_asoi5acwairt&form=pdf&file=file.pdf
Subject 5'-Monodeiodination
Normal tissue
Tumoral tissue
Ischemic myocardium
Normal myocardium

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