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Kuruoglu E., Zerubia J. Skewed alpha-stable distributions for modelling textures. 0503153128, Technical report, 2002.
In this letter, we introduce a novel family of texture models which provide alternatives to texture models which are based on Gaussian distributions. In particular, we introduce linear textures generated with a member of the a-stable distribution family which is a generalisation of the Gaussian distribution. The new family of texture models is capable of representing both impulsive and unsymmetric (skewed) image data which cannot be accommodated by the Gaussian model. We present new techniques for texture model estimation and we demonstrate the success of the techniques on synthetic data.
Subject Alpha-stable distributions
Skewed distribution
Non-Gaussian distribution
Texture analysis and synthesis
G.3 Probability and Statistics
I.4.10 Image Representation
60G52 Stable processes
62M40 Random fields
image analysis
60E07 Infinitely divisible distributions
stable distributions

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