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Loyer Y., Straccia U. Non-uniform hypotesis in deductive databases with uncertainty. Technical report, 2002.
Different many-valued logic programming frameworks has been proposed to manage uncertain information in deductive databases and logic programming. A feature of these frameworks is that they rely on a prede ned assumption or hypothesis, i.e. an interpretation that assigns the same default truth value to all the atoms of a program, e.g. in the open world assumption, by default all atoms have unknown truth value. In this paper we extend these frameworks along three directions by introducing non-uniform hypotheses: (i) we will deal with the non-monotonic mode of negation; (ii) the default truth values of atoms need not necessarily to be all equal each other; and (iii) a hypothesis can be a partial interpretation. We will show that our approach extends the usual ones: if we restrict our attention to classical logic programs and consider total uniform hypotheses, then our semantics reduces to the usual semantics of logic programs.
Subject F.4.1 Mathematical Logic: Model Theory
I.2.3 Deduction and Theorem Proving: Deduction
I.2.4 Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods: Representation

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