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Boschi G., Landucci A. Smart MIDI interface: how it works and user guide. In: Workshop on Current Research Directions in Computer Music (Barcelona, Spain, 15-17 November 2001). Proceedings, pp. 79 - 84. Claudia Lomeli and Ramon Loureiro (eds.). 2001.
We here present a description of the system named Smart MIDI Interface (SMI), developed at DAIMI/DIEM under the auspices of MOSART IHP network, which converts several analog and digital signals into MIDI messages and let an easy MIDI control over any kind of on/off actuator. After stating some SMI musical applications, the paper gives an overview on the interface working principles, explaining the kind of data processing on analog and digital channels. A detailed description of the engineered prototype (realized at CNUCE/IEI-CNR) is then considered, focusing attention on the various I/O connectors, on the implemented MIDI messages and on the other technical aspects interesting for the SMI users.

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