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Bramanti M., Bozzi E. An ultrasound based technique for the detection and classification of flaws inside large sizes marble or stone structural elements. In: International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting. Cultural Heritage and Technologies in the Third Millenium. ICHIM 2001 (Milan, Italy, 3-7 September 2001). Proceedings, pp. 283 - 287. David Bearman and Franca Garzotto (eds.). 2001.
There is a growing interest in using ultrasound diagnostic techniques for non-destructive testing of marble/stone blocks or structural elements with large sizes, in order to detect internal flows such as cracks or fissures. Here a specific diagnostic procedure, based on ultrasound transmission measurement is proposed. A prototype of a measuring set-up, suitable for an in-field use, is described and the experimental results reported.
Subject Non destructive evaluation
Ultrasound testing
Marble/stone qualiity control
I.5.4 Applications: Signal processing

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