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Zheng S., Li K., Pan Y., Pinotti M. C. Generalized Coincident Pulse Technique and New Addressing Schemes for Pipelined Time-Division Multiplexing Optical Buses. In: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, vol. 61 (8) pp. 1033 - 1051. Academic Press, 2001.
In this paper the coincident pulse technique is geneeralized in order to derive compact addressing schemes for time division multiplexing optical buses. Based on this new technique, optimal addressing chemes are presented. Several general methods for designing new addressing schemes are proposed to achieve various trade-offs. The new schemes significantly improve the utilization of opticl waveguides and the scalability of time-division multiplexing optical bus.
Subject coincident pulse techniques
optical bus
time-division multiplexing
C.3: special purpose and application-based systems

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