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Castelli D., Pagano P., Straccia U. Scholnet and Cyclades: extending the role of digital libraries. 2001.
Scholnet (IST-1000-20664) and Cyclades (IST-2000-25456) are two new digital library projects funded by the EU 5th Framework Programme and coordinated scientifically by the IEI - CNR. Both projects aim at extending the role of a digital library by providing services that support remote communication and collaboration among scholars. In particular, the goal of Scholnet is to develop a digital library providing an enhanced set of specialised services, while Cyclades is focussed on the need to develop a service environment on top of large heterogeneous and multidisciplinary interoperable archives. A short description of the two projects is given below.
URL: http://"http://www.dlib.org"
Subject digital library services
Scholnet and Cyclades Projects
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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