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Straccia U. Reasoning and Experimenting within Zadeh's Fuzzy Propositional Logic. Internal note /cnr.iei/2000-B4-011, 2000.
We present several decision algorithms within the fuzzy propositional logic based on Zadeh's implication operator p → q = max{1-p, q}, deciding both the fuzzy SAT problem as well as the best truth value bound problem, i.e. compute the best truth value bounds of a proposition with respect to a theory. Further, we evaluate all the algorithms by adapting and extending the well know methods for evaluating SAT decision algorithms. We show that both problems present the typical easy-hard-easy pattern.
Subject Fuzzy propositional logic
fuzzy satisfiability problem
best truthvalue bound problem
Experiments on random fuzzy 3-SAT sep phase-transition
F.4.1 Mechanical theorem proving
I.2.3 Deduction (e.g., natural, rule.based)
I.2.4 Representation languages

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