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Locuratolo E. Designing methods for quality. Internal note IEI-B4-21, 2000.
A stepwise approach to design methods for quality is provided and MetaASSO, the step-sequence resulting in a conceptual database design methodology, is described. Starting from the initial proposal of a method to achieve minimal conflicting quality requirements, MetaASSO reflnes it until it obtains the design of ASSO. ASSO presents peculiaritýes with respect to other database design methodologies; the peculiarities are concerned with the methodological tools: the Structured Database Schema, a conceptual model designed to specify information with flexibility while guaranteeing consistency, the Partitioning, a method designed to refine the Structured Database Schema towards correct and effýcient implementations, and the relations between ASSO and B, formal links established to achieve practical results designing an ASSO-toolkit based on the B-toolkit.
Subject Data models
Tools and techniques
H.2.1 Logical Design
H.2.3 Languages
D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques
F.4.3 Formal Languages

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