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Bertolino A., Corradini F., Inverardi P., Muccini H. Deriving test plans for architectural descriptions. In: ICSE 2000 - 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering. Proceedings (University of Limerick, Ireland, 4-11 June 2000). Proceedings, pp.220-229. ACM-IEEE, 2000. 2000.
The paper presents an approach for deriving test plans for the conformance testing of a system implementation with respect to the formal description of its Soft w are Architecture (SA). The SA describes a system in terms of its components and connections, therefore the de- rived test plans address the integration testing phase. We base our approach on a Labelled Transition System (LTS) modeling the SA dynamics, and on suitable ab- stractions of it, the Abstract Labelled T ransitionSys- tems (ALTSs). ALTSs o er speci c views of the SA dynamics by concentrating on relevan t features and ab- stracting aw ay from uninteresting ones. ALTS is a tool we provide to the softw are arc hitect that lets him/her focus on relevan t behavioral patterns and more easily identify those that are meaningful for vali- dation purposes. In tuitively, deriving an adequate set of functional test classes means deriving a set of paths ap- propriately covering the ALTS. In the paper we describe our approach in the scope of a real-world case study and discuss in detail all the steps of our methodology, from ALTS identi cation to test plan generation.
Subject Functional Test Plans
Labelled Transition System
Integration Testing
Software Architectures
D. Software

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