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Gnesi S., Latella D., Massink M. A stochastic extension of a behavioural subset of UML statechart diagrams. In: 5th IEEE International High Assurance Systems Engineering-Symposium - HASE 2000 (Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 15-17 2000), Proceedings, pp.55-64. IEEE, 2000. 2000.
In this paper we present a stochastically timed extension of UML Statechart Diagrams. The extension is rather simple both from a notational point of view and from a semantics point of view. In particular we enrich a statehransition formal operational semantics we proposed in [I41 with random clocks for expressing time values. We do this in an ”orthogonal” way, which means that the enriched semantics preserves all the properties of the untimed one. We show, by means of a simple example, how the enriched notation and its semantics can be used for perj%orming quantitative analysis of Stochastic UML Statechart Diagrams models.
Subject UML Statechart Diagrams

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