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Di Bona S., Salvetti O. A deformation model for biotissues behaviour simulation. In: 2000 International Conference on Image Processing (Vancouver, Canada, September 10-13, 2000). Proceedings, pp. 443-447. IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2000. 2000.
This paper presents a deformable model able to simulate the structural modification of anatomical structures under some force field. The simulation is able to perform a realistic modelling of interacting objects considering both their geometrical and physical properties. A multi-spring based model, where the springs are organised to fit the geometry of the system, is used for this purpose. In particular, the properties of the biosolid tissues define the characteristic parameters of the corresponding springs. The viscoelastic behaviour of the objects considered has been formalised by means of differential equations which represent the Stress-Strain relation of a generic tissue under dynamic solicitation. The model has been instantiated on the skullencephalon architecture with an intracranial growing lesion and tested with tomographic image pairs of the same patient, representing both healthy and pathologic conditions.

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