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Peters C. Final delos workshop on future directions in the digital libraries domain. In: Ercim News, vol. 40 pp. 53 - 54. ERCIM, 2000.
Thirty two participants, including delegates from nine ERCIM institutions, attended the final workshop of the DELOS Working Group on Digital Libraries, hosted by CNR in Pisa, 25-26 November. The main goal of the workshop was to bring representatives of major applications together with members of the research community, in order to discuss the impact of digital library (DL) technology in a number of different domains and to identify those areas where efforts should be concentrated in the near future. This is particularly relevant in view of the fact that the activities of DELOS will be continued and extended in a Network of Excellence (NoE), a thematic network on digital libraries funded by the European Commission.
Subject Digital libraries
H.3.7Digital Libraries

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