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Ganovelli F., Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. A Multiresolution Model for Soft Objects supporting interactive cuts and lacerations. In: Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 19 (3) pp. 271 - 282. 2000.
Performing a really interactive and physically-based simulation of complex soft objects is still an open problem in computer animation/simulation. Given the application domain of virtual surgery training, a complete model should be quite realistic, interactive and should enable the user to modify the topology of the objects. Recent papers propose the adoption of multiresolution techniques to optimize time performance by representing at high resolution only the object parts considered more important or critical. The speed up obtainable at simulation time are counterbalanced by the need of a preprocessing phase strongly dependent on the topology of the object, with the drawback that performing dynamic topology modification becomes a prohibitive issue. In this paper we present an approach that couples multiresolution and topological modifications, based on the adoption of a particle systems approach to the physical simulation. Our approach is based on a tetrahedral decomposition of the space, chosen both for its suitability to support a particle system and for the ready availability of many techniques recently proposed for the simplification and multiresolution management of 3D simplicial decompositions. The multiresolution simulation system is designed to ensure the required speedup and to support dynamic changes of the topology, e.g. due to cuts or lacerations of the represented tissue.

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