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Ganovelli F., Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. Enabling cuts on multiresolution representation. Technical report, 1999.
Multiresolution representations are widely used in many visualization contexts and applications, since they provide optimal management of the data representation by using at each time instant a level of detail most appropriate for the application requirements. Unfortunately, current solutions do not allow the topology of the object to be changed, and this tends to prevent its adoption in applications where topological changes are needed, such as virtual surgery applications. By extending a known multiresolution model based on simplicial complexes, we develop a new approach which supports dynamic topological modifications of the represented object without greatly increasing the representation complexity.
Subject Multiresolution
Simplicial complexis
Deformable object modelling
I.3.5 Computational Geometry and Object Modeling
I.3.7 Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism
I.6.8 Types of Simulation

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