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Lami G. Towards an automatic quality evaluation of natural language software specifications. Technical report, 1999.
Requirements Specification is a crucial phase of the software life-cycle. Providing the software engineer with tools and techniques for evaluating quality of Software Requirements may solve some of the problems due to possible lacks of quality of them. In this paper, first a feasible Quality Model is defined for Software Requirements written in Natural Language (NL). The term feasible means that the Quality Properties of this Quality Model can be evaluated by means of Indicators automatically and numerically measurable. Then, the results of the validation of this Quality Model on industrial cases are presented. The encouraging outcomes of the validation have been taken into account for starting the realization of an automatic tool for verifying the adherence to syntax/lexical constraints of the requirement sentences to guarantee the conformance to the Quality Model. This tool should be a valid support for the reviewer of NL Software Requirements.
Subject D.2 Software Engineering
D.2.1 Requirements/Specifications
D.2.8 Metrics

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