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Andreoni A., Carlesi C., Pagano P., Pisani S. Ercim Technical Reference Digital Library Search and Browse Services. In: , 1999.
The ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library (ETRDL) provides the access to a distributed collection of grey literature (technical reports, theses, workshop proceedings, pre-prints, etc.) in the areas of Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics produced by members of the ERCIM Consortium. The ETRDL service currently allows public access through Internet to the technical reports produced by seven ERCIM organisations. ETRDL functionality regards searching and browsing ERCIM collections to retrieval existing documents, submitting new documents in a specific collection and administer the ERCIM collections via a Web user interface. The aim of this document is to present an user guide for the information seekers that want to browse the ETRDL collections and search documents in one or more selected collections.
Subject H.3.7 Digital Libraries
H.3.7 Digital Libraries: User issues
H.3.5 Online Information Services: Web.based services
H.5.2 User Interfaces

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