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Das S., Pinotti M. C. An optimal disk allocation strategy for partial match queries on non-uniform cartesian product files. In: International Parallel Processing Symposium and Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing. Proceedings (Puerto Rico, April 1999), 550-554. IEEE, 1999. 1999.
The disk allocation problem addresses the issue of how to distribute a le on to several disks to maximize the concurrent disk accesses in response to a partial match query. In the past this problem has been stud- ied for binary as well as for p-ary cartesian product les. In this paper, we propose a disk allocation strat- egy for non-uniform cartesian product les by a coding theoretic approach. Our strictly optimal disk alloca- tion strategies are based on a large and exible class of maximum distance separable (MDS) codes, namely the redundant residue codes.
Subject Partial match queries
non-uniform cartesian product files
optimal disk allocation,
pair-wise prime residue codes
E.2 Data storage representation
E.5 files
H.2.2 Dta base, physical design

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