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Zezula P., Savino P., Ciaccia P., Rabitti F. On the region proximity in metrics spaces. In: Tenth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications. DEXA 99 Proceedings (Florence, Italy, 1-3 September, 1999), 211-215. Edited by A. Min Tjoa, A. Cammelli and R.R. Wagner. IEEE Computer Society, 1999. (Gia' Technical Report B4-15-1998). 1999.
The problem of defining and measuring proximity of generic metric space regions is investigated. Though the proposed probabilistic approach is valid for arbitrary regions, specific ready-to-use formulas are developed for the important case of ball regions, respecting arbitrary distance distributions. Given a measure of proximity, the concepts of similarity and selectivity of regions are also discussed
Subject information retrieval
data structures
distance-only data
metric regions
similarity search
performance evaluation

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