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Locuratolo E., Matthews B. ASSO: a formal conceptual methodology of database design. In: 4th International ERCIM Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems. (Trento (Italy), July 12-12 1999). Proceedings, vol. 2 ERCIM, 1999.
ASSO is a formal methodology of conceptual database design which provides both an innovative mechanism for structuring specification and refinement approach for deriving efficient implementation. A relationship holds between ASSO and B, a highly developed formal method of software engineering currently promoted for commercial use. In this paper, we propose two conceptual views of the ASSO model in terms of B abstract machines and the ASSO refinement as a process to transform the conceptual model of ASSO into a schema composed of all and only disjoint abstract machines. This description can be usefully exploited for designing an ASSO-toolkit based on a support tool for B which exploits the conceptual features of ASSO to increase design quality.
Subject Database Design
Conceptual modelling
Formal Methods
H.2.1 Information Systems. Logical design
D.2 Software engineering
F.4 Mathematical logic

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