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Fabbrini F., Fusani M., Gervasi V., Gnesi S., Ruggieri S. Achieving quality in natural language requirements. In: The Eleventh International Software Quality Week (San Francisco, ). Proceedings, Software Research Institute-ACM, 1998.
We present a proposal of a quality model for natural language requirements that concentrates on linguistic properties of requirements documents. We deploy the quality framework of Krogstie et al. as a superordinate rationale supporting the design of a quality model. At the same time, the quality model is intended to cover and classify the corpus of linguistic techniques proposed in the literature for the analysis of requirements. As a result, we have identified a number of factors and criteria that affect the overall linguistic quality of requirements documents. Our model can thus be used to choose the most appropriate techniques to apply in order to reach a desired quality level.
Subject Natual Language Requirements
Quality Models
Linguistic Analysis

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