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Baldacci M., Biagioni S., Carlesi C., Castelli D., Peters C. Implementing the common user interface for a digital library: the ETRDL experience. In: 8th Delos Workshop - 8th Delos Workshop on User Interfaces User Interface in Digital Libraries. ERCIM Workshop reports (Stockholm, Kista, Sweden, 21-23 October 1998). Proceedings, pp. 63 - 71. Preben Hansen and Jussi Karlgren (eds.). (ERCIM-99-W001, SICS, vol. W001). ERCIM - European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, 1998.
The Common User Interfaces for the ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library (ETRDL) are described and the underlying motivations for certain design decisions are discussed. The lessons that have been learnt from this experience are outlined and possible future developments are suggested.
Subject common user interface
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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