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Allamandri F., Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. Adaptively adjusting marching cubes output to fit a trilinear reconstruction filter. In: Visualization in Scientific Computing'98. Eurographics Workshop (Blaubeuren, Germany, 1998). Proceedings, pp. 25 - 34. Springer, 1998.
The paper focuses on the improvement of the quality of isosurfaces fitted on volume datasets with respect to standard MC solutions. The new solution presented improves the precision in the reconstruction process using an approach based on mesh re nement and driven by the evaluation of the trilinear reconstruction filter. The iso-surface reconstruction process is adaptive, to ensure that the complexity of the fitted mesh will not become excessive. The proposed approach has been tested on many datasets; we discuss the precision of the obtained meshs and report data on fitted meshes complexity and processing times.
Subject I.3 Computer Graphics

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