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Amato G., Rabitti F., Savino P. Multimedia document search on the Web. In: Computer Networks and Isdn Systems, vol. 30 pp. 604 - 606. Elsevier Science Inc, 1998.
We develop near-optimal test statistics for the detection of arbitrary non-stationary second-order random signals in impulsive noise, modelled using a bivariate, isotropic α-stable distribution. The test statistics are derived by approximating the noise model using a mixture of Gaussians, trained using an expectation-maximisation algorithm. We consider the extension to the case when the signal to be detected is subjected to an unknown time–frequency or time-scale shift, and show that approximations to locally optimal test statistics can be implemented using bilinear time–frequency or time-scale representations. We demonstrate that the performance of the locally optimal linear receiver is poor in even mildly impulsive noise; the alternative detection statistics proposed in this paper offer considerably enhanced performance.
Subject Search engine
Multimedia information retrieval
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval

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