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Gonzalo J., Verdejo F., Peters C., Calzolari N. Applying eurowordnet to cross-language text retrieval. In: Computers and the Humanities, vol. 32 pp. 185 - 207. Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1998.
We discuss ways in which EuroWordNet (EWN) can be used in multilingual information retrieval activities, focusing on two approaches to Cross-Language Text Retrieval that use the EWN database as a large-scale multilingual semantic resource. The first approach indexes documents and queries in terms of the EuroWordNet Inter-Lingual-Index, thus turning term weighting and query/document matching into language-independent tasks. The second describes how the information in the EWN database could be integrated with a corpus-based technique, thus allowing retrieval of domain-specific terms that may not be present in our multilingual database. Our objective is to show the potential of EuroWordNet as a promising alternative to existing approaches to Cross-Language Text Retrieval.
Subject cross-language text retrieval
multilingual lexical resources
large-scale ontologies

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