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Barcaro U., Navona C., Belloli S., Gneri C., Murri L. A simple method for the quantitative description of sleep microstructure. In: Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 106 pp. 429 - 432. Elsevier Science Inc, 1998.
A simple method for the quantitative description of sleep microstructure is proposed. This method is based on the computation of descriptors which provide a normalized measure of how the amplitude of the activity in a frequency band differs, at a given instant, from its background. The use of these descriptors makes it possible to identify epochs of transient increase in band activity, to measure their length, and to measure the time distance between two successive epochs.
Subject Sleep EEG
Sleep microstructure
Cyclic alternating pattern
EEG data analysis
J.3 Life and Medical Sciences

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