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Salerno E. Microwave tomography for compact-support dielectric objects. In: International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, vol. 9 pp. 14 - 23. Wiley, 1998.
A technique for imaging compact-support dielectric ob- viewpoint, even with the considerable improvements in hardware jects from microwave backscattering data is proposed. It is based on of the last few years. a linear data model, which permits the evaluation of the object spec- For these reasons, problems related to fast and reliable recontrum on a band-pass region, and the application of the Projected struction algorithms for microwave imaging are still an open Landweber method for spectrum extrapolation. The performance of issue. the resulting algorithm is then investigated as a function of the relaxation parameter and the possible preconditioning strategy. Several We suggest that besides linearization and full nonlinear soluexperimental results are shown both for noiseless and noisy cases. tion of the scattering equation, another approach could be folThis algorithm is shown to be an additional possibility to be taken lowed: namely, the exploitation of a linear data model along with into consideration, alongside the classical linear algorithms and the generic prior information about the objects to be imaged, such fully nonlinear ones. The experimental results show that the solutions as their positivity and the compact support constraint. In the firstare far better than the ones obtained by linear methods, yet require order Born assumptions, a simple relationship holds between the far fewer computations than the nonlinear approaches.
Subject Microwave techniques
I.4 Image processing and computer vision

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