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Locuratolo E., Loffredo M., Signore O. Database reengineering for quality. Internal note IEI-B4-15, 1997.
The paper describes a reengineering methodology which ensures both a reliable documentation of database code developed with obsolete technologies and thè maintenance of database applications. It links Re-ASSO, a method that establishes formai relationships between thè logicai schema and thè conceptual schema of database, with an OO-reengineering process. Re-ASSO has been designed by "inverting" ASSO, an innovative methodology for quality database systems used within thè forward engineering. ASSO and Re-ASSO are based on thè same model thus enabling thè database design reusability and thè construction of Re-ASSO tools based on thè ASSO tools.
Subject database reengineering
formai methods
software quality
database design
H.2.1 Logical Design
H.2.3 Languages

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