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Amato G., Mainetto G., Savino P. A query language for similarity-based retrieval of multimedia data. In: ADBIS '97 - Proceedings of First East-European Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (St. Petersburg, 2-5 September 1997). Proceedings, vol. 1 pp. 196 - 203. Nevsky dialect, 1997.
This paper ptcsencs che main features al' il Xlultirnedia Querv Language t.aiior ed for content-based similantv retrieval 01' multimedia objects. The Querv Language processar is il component of a multimedia database svstem thatadopts il mode! that perruits bot.h a structurai ;epresentat100 of raw rnultirnedia data an d an automatically computed description of che multimedia data concento The Query Language is an extension of a n-aditional object-oriented query language. It ailows w exprcss restrictions on Features. concepts and scructural aspects of thc multimedia database objcct In addition he language supporta the formulation alqueries wir h imprecise condicions. The outcome al' a query execution is an ordercd set of pairs. each one consisting of an object and a measure of the sirnilanty of the object wich rhc crit cria specified in the query.
Subject Query language

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