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Asirelli P., Inverardi P., Plagenza G. Integrity Constraints in Deductive Databases: an overview. Technical report, 1996.
This paper contains a critical review of the most well known integrity constraints checking algorithms that can be found in the literature for logic based (deductive) databases. Some criterion are xed in order to be able to give a sistematic insite into this area; The approaches are then brie y described and compared according to the xed criterion.
Subject Deductive Databases
F.4.1 Mathematical Logic: Logic and constraint programming
F.4.1 Mathematical Logic: Model theory
F.4.1 Mathematical Logic: Proof theory
I.2.3 Deduction and Theorem Proving: Deduction
I.2.3 Deduction and Theorem Proving: Resolution
H.2.0 General: Security, integrity, and protection

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