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Ciampalini A., Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. Multiresolution Decimation based on Global Error. Technical report, 1996.
Due to the surface meshes produced at increasing complexity in many applications, interest in efficient simplification algorithms and multiresolution representation is very high. An enhanced simplification approach together with a general multiresolution data scheme are presented here. Jade, a new simplification solution based on the Mesh Decimation approach has been designed to provide both increased approximation precision, based on global error management, and multiresolution output. Moreover, we show that with a small increase in memory, which is needed to store the multiresolution data representation, we are able to extract any level of detail representation from the simplification results in an extremely efficient way. Results are reported on empirical time complexity, approximation quality, and simplification power.
Subject Surface Simplification

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