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Amato G., Mainetto G. Concurrent index management using shadow-paging. In: SEBD'96 - atti del 4. Convegno nazionale su sistemi evoluti per basi di dati (San Miniato, Pisa, 3-5 luglio 1996). Atti, pp. 237 - 250. F. Rabitti, G. Mainetto e E. Ricciardi (eds.). SEBD, 1996.
This paper provides a comprehensive treatment of concurrent index management in a database management system that uses shadw-paging technique for recovery purposes. The paper illustrates an original technique that uses a version B-link. Tree algorithm during the desceni phase ami an ad-hoc key locking strategy for allowing multiple index operations in a transaction, The original technique has been experimented in PIOS, an object server supporting physical independence. This technique has been validated by the performance tests that are reported in this paper.
Subject Concurrent index management

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