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Moltedo L., Salvetti O. Studio e rappresentazione del degrado di materiale mediante simulazione per immagini. In: SIMAI'96 - Sommari del 3. Congresso Nazionale della Societa' Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale (Salice Terme, Pavia, 1996). Atti, pp. 119 - 121. SIMAI, 1996.
An image-based computer assisted simulation has been developed to study the degradation of historical stones due to agents natural artificial agents. This simulator consists mainly of a knowledge based representing information about sample images and of a set of algorithms. Images are processed to extract features depending on textures and then geometric functional descriptor are applied to reconstruct originally or artificially pertuperbed images. Variation in surface appearance,are mathematically described depending of different perturbing agents. Samples can be shown using images of pudding stone materials. Operation of cleaning formation of cavities of various shape and size diagnosis of different grain can be virtually performed by the simulator,starting from real images of ashlars.
Subject Materia degradation
Artificial agents simulator

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