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Salerno E. Analisi agli autovalori di un operatore iterativo di super-risoluzione per immagini passa-banda bidimensionali. In: SIMAI - Sommari del 3. III Congresso Nazionale della Societa' Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale (Salice terme (PV), 1996). Atti, pp. 518 - 520. SIMAI, 1996.
Some imaging systems produce band-pass estimates of the object functions to be imaged. This is a serious problem especially with strictly positive objects, since the dc and low frequency regions of their spectra, which are lost in the imaging process, contain essential information. A band-pass estimate of strictly positive object always contains strong artifacts, which can often prevent the correct interpretation of the image. Applying superresolution algorithms to band-pass images can thus be doubly useful since besides achieving a better spatial resolution, it can also produce an effective suppression of the ambiguity artifacts.
Subject Iterative operator

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