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Marraccini P., Salvetti O., Marzilli M., Braccini G., Levorato D., Bragagni P., L'Abbate A. Valutazione quantitativa della dinamica della parete coronarica nell'uomo : descrizione di un nuovo metodo basato sulla ricostruzione tridimensionale tempo dipendente di immagini ecografiche intravascolari. In: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia, vol. 26 (1) pp. 41 - 50. Piccin, 1996.
BACKGROUND. Intravascular ultrasound imaging provides information on vascular lumen and arterial wall structure and it has potential application in arterial wall dynamic study. The aim of this study was to develop a computer assisted system for analysing digitised cross sectional ultrasound images of coronaries to easily display and quantify coronary dynamic and its relationship with arterial wall morphology. METHODS AND RESULTS. To extract the anatomical regions of interest from the digitised sonograms, automatic image segmentation and interactive procedures for manual correction were implemented, This step included the recognition of the lumen edge and an analysis of gray level intensity of the wall, Subsequently, a virtual 30 reconstruction of lumen and vessel wall was done in a Cartesian system where the XY plane was parallel to each cross-sectional sonogram, while the Zaxis corresponded to the acquisition time, The baricentre of vascular lumen was used as a reference for alignment. We obtained a cylinder-like solid representing the behaviour of the arterial cross-sectional sonogram in time, with the possibility to look either at the wall or at the lumen. In this virtual solid it was possible to measure the variation of lumen area and of 15 emldiameters; in addition, the derivatives of these values, allowing an estimate of the velocity 01 events, can be obtained, CONCLUSIONS. The described computerised system for the analysis of intravascularultrasound images could become a very useful tool for 30 representation and quantitative monitoring of coronary compliance andiheir relationship with segmental arterial wall morphology.
Subject Coronary dynamics
Intravascular ultrasound
Three-dimensional recostruction

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