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Cignoni P., Montani C., Puppo E., Scopigno R. Optimal Isosurface extraction from irregular volume data. In: Proceedings of Symposium on Volume Visualization (San Francisco, California, 1996). Proceedings, pp. 31 - 38. ACM-SIGGRAPH/IEEE, 1996.
A method is proposed which supports the extraction of isosurfaces from irregular volume data, represented by tetrahedral decomposition, in optimal time. The method is based on a data structure called interval tree. which encodes a set of intervals on the real line, and supports efficient retrieval of all intervals containing a given value. Each cell in the volume data is associated with an interval bounded by the extreme values of the field in the cell. All cells intersected by a given isosurface are extracted in O(m + log h) time, with m output size and h the number of different extreme values (min or max). The implementation of the method is simple. Tests haveshown that its practical performance reflects the theoretical optimality.
Subject Isosurface extraction

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