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Amato G., Biscari S., Mainetto G., Rabitti F. Multigranularity locking with the use of semantic knowledge in a layered object server. In: Persistent Object Systems : POS7 (Capemay, NJ, USA, 1996). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 16. 1996.
Object-oriented database programming languages use a data model that, by its nature, leads to a hierarchical organisation of persistent data. The Multigranularity Locking (MGL) protocol is the concurrency control framework that allows to better analyse concurrent accesses to such hierarchy of data items. Furthermore, modern Object-Oriented Database Management Systems are organised accordingly to the client-server architecture, where the server component is often an object server. The application of software engineering criteria to the design of an object server usually leads to a system structured in interpretation layers. In a layered object server, the semantic knowledge necessary to decide which is the
Subject Concurrency Control
Multigranularity Locking Protocol
Persistent Object Store
Object-Oriented Databases

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