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Marani M., Leodori L., Liggio M., Bedini L., Bertini G. A synchronous multichannel acquisition and real time processing system for active noise and vibration control experiments. In: Noise & Planning '96. International Meeting and Exhibition on 'Acoustic Applied to Planning: from Technical Standards to Environmental Standards' (Pisa, 28-31 maggio 1996). Proceedings, 1996.
Noise and vibration attenuation based on active electronic techniques, in addition to the conventional methods, has undergone a remarkable increase in interest and attention in recent year, thanks to great development in VLSI devices, that have made adaptive control and filtering feasible in real-time applications. Active noise control (ANe) in real applications is a very complex problem to solve, and involves multidisciplinary aspects such as environmental acoustic modelling, vibrational analysis, special transducer devices, complex control strategies, and so on. Efficient design does not be accomplished in theoretical form only, but requires powerful simulation tools as well as high performance signals acquisition and real-time processing facilities. In this paper a real-time simulation environment is proposed that makes these and other tools available to evaluate the overall performance of the whole system.

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