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Fabbrini F., Formato N., Fusani M., Gnesi S. A linguistic approach to quality evaluation of checklists. In: Proceedings of Fifth European Conference on Software Quality (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 16-20 1996). Proceedings, pp. 427 - 437. IQA, 1996.
Software Quality evaluation process relies on the use of checklists, to exarnine both produci and process measurements. Although crucial components of the evaluation process, checklists - being natural language expressions - tend io be ambiguous, incomplete and underspecified. lt seems therefore convenient to introduce a quality model, defined in terms of linguistic requirements, for this instrument. In this paper the results are presented of a research activity directed at defining methodologies and tools to verify checklists against such requirements. In order to mechanise some stages of the analysis process, a technique has been developed according to Natural Language Understanding principles using a grammar to parse the checklist's entries and analyse them on the basis of the qualiry model. Results from experirnents carried out on published checklists are presented and discussed.
Subject Checklists

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