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Asirelli P., Inverardi P., Plagenza G. Integrity constraints as views in deductive databases. In: Integrity in Databases : 6th International Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and Objects (Schlob Dagstuhl, Germany, 16-20 September 1996). Proceedings, pp. 133 - 140. S. Conrad, H.J. Klein and K.D. Schewe (eds.). Fakultat fur Informatik, 1996.
In this paper we present a refutation procedure to compute goals in a deductive database according to particular views of it. Views are defined by a set of constraints rules. The declarative sernantics of the constrained database is defined and the given refutatior- procedure is proved corree t and complete for positive range-restricted databases. The extension of the procedure to deal with negation is also out lined.
Subject Deductive databases

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