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Criscione P., Montani C., Scateni R., Scopigno R. DiscMC : an interactive system for fast fitting isosurfaces on volume data. In: Virtual Environments and Scientific Visualization '96 : proceedings of the Eurographics Workshops (Monte Carlo, Monaco ; Prague, Czech Republic, 19-25 1996). Proceedings, pp. 178 - 190. M. Gobel [et al.] (ed.). Springer, 1996.
This paper describes the architecture of DIscMC, an interactive system wich supports insosurfacing on regular volume datasets. DIScMc adopts a discretized fitting algorithm that, considerably reduces the number of polygons generated by a Marching Cubes-Like scheme while presenting shorter running times, The extracted surfaces are composedof polygons lying within a finite number of incidences, thus allowing simple merging of thc output Iacets into large coplanar triangular fects. A pyramidal rapresentation of the volume dataset has been adoptedd to speed-up isosurface fitting, by avoiding empty volume traversal, and to support multiple level of resolution fitting. The systern has been implemented in a Unix environment, using a de facto standard graphics library. The functionalities and the user interface of the system are dscribed in detail.
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