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Meghini C. Towards a logical reconstruction of image retrieval. In: SPIE - Proceedings of Storage and Retrieval for Still Image and Video Database IV (San JosŤ, California, 1-2 february 1996). Proceedings, pp. 108 - 119. Ishwar K. Sethi, Ramesh C. Jain (eds.). SPIE, 1996.
The paper addresses a fundamental problern for irnage retrieval systems: how is the content information to be used in answering user queries? Our answer to this question is a retrieval model based on logic that offers: (a) an abstract representation of the visual appearance of an image allowing to incorporate in a principled way any image retrieval technique based on the similarity of physical features suchas region, color, and shape; (b) a semantic data modelling styled representation of the image content, independent from how the content information is obtained;(c) a functional representation of the association between portions of the image form and content objects. Thesethree-leveled irnage representations are queried via a logical language spanning along four dimensions: the visual dimension, in whichqueries are images themselves, and thecontent, mapping, and spatial dimensions, in which queries are symbolic expressions. An image is retrieved in response to a query if it satisfies, in a logical sense, the query.
Subject Logical image modelling
Logic-based image retrieval.

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