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Asirelli P., Bertolino A., Gnesi S. Automated testing of safety requirements with the support of a deductive database. In: Proceedings of Third International Conference on Achieving Quality in Software (Florence, Italy, 1996). Proceedings, pp. 145 - 157. S. Bologna and G. Bucci (eds.). Chapman & Hall, 1996.
We present an approach to implementation of an automated test grade. The oracle is built on a Deductive Database Management System, called Gedblog. The oracle in partial, in the sense that it cheks the correctness of the test outputs with respect to a set of necessary conditions derived from the functional specifications, but does not know the correct output for each possible test input. We identify a set of requirements, called "safety requirement", that is deemed to be essential for the safe behaviour of the system under test. We express these safety requirement as a set of formulae by using the ACTL logic. We then incorporate thes ACTL formulae in Gedblog. Assuming that the program has been previously tested apart, according to some test plan, and the test output have been collected the by means of the Gedlog mechanisms, we are able to automatically check the test outputs against the safety requirement. We illustrate the approach by means of simple example.
Subject Automated testing
Deductive database

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