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Schifano F. Algebraic Reasoning for Parallel Programming. Technical report, 1995.
The use of a functional language is an attractive and promising approach to parallel programming. The parallelism is expressed structurally using the Higher Order Function (HOF) and can be implemented efficiently on a wide range of machines, using a Skeleton-based compilation technique. The algebra of the language is used to transform and optimize the programs conserving their semantics, where it is the compiler that determines whether the implementation of one syntactic expression is to be preferred to another. We describe an approach based on transformations through equations using Backus' FP, as a Skeleton-based host language. The equations of the algebra are classified with respect to the main parameters of parallel programming: processing granularity, degree of parallelism and communications, and used to rewrite the programs. The methodology proposed is then applied to two classical problems of parallel data programming.
Subject Parallel programming
C.1.2 Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)

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