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Bramanti M. A wide-band dielectric characterization system for liquid materials of interest in biology. Internal note IEI-B4-23, 1995.
In many fields of applied research the interest exhists for wide-band dielectric ,characterization of liquid materials, for example, aqueous solutions of biological materials. For this purpose a particular procedure is here proposed, based on the use of a Vectorial Network Analyzer and a suitably designed cell which contains the material under test. Fundamental features of this method are: dielectric characterization directly in the frequency domain without the use of a Fourier inverse trasfonnation process, as it it is required when TDR techniques are used; wide- band measurement in a very short time; the need of a quantity for the material to be tested far lower than those required by the actually available commercial dielectric probes.
Subject Dielectric characterization
Dielectric probe
Dielectric relaxation spectra
Test of biological materials
J.2 Physica sciences and engineering

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