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Picchi E., Peters C. Specification of tools and user interface. Deliverable 1.1.1. Multext Lre. Internal note IEI-B4-17, 1995.
This document is the draft of Deliverable 1.1.1 produced for September 1994. No revisions to this version have been considered appropriate for Milestone B since from a first analysis, it seems that not all the tools developed so far meet the specifications laid down in the first drafts of this document taking into account the needs of the four User Categories defined in Section 1.1. It thus appears that more discussion is needed between project partners in order to guarantee that one of the primary objectives of Multext is achieved: the development of a totally integrated set of corpus processing and exploitation tools. However, in order to avoid erroneous interpretations of our task we should like to state firmly here certain guiding principles which we feel cannot be rejected or ignored in the development of the tools. The aim of Multext is to produce not only a multi-lingual language reference corpus consisting of sets of parallel and comparable texts in six European languages, but a complex set of efficient and flexible corpus tools. These tools must be designed to be easy to use for a typically non-expert user, working in some sector of the humanities, and must provide a full range of functions for text querying and analysis, implemented with a common query language. This is why in our first versions of 1.1.1 considerable attention was given to the Search and Retrieval functions (section 9), which have been defined in particular detail, and the User Interface (section 10) including definition of higher level tools, essential to provide users with efficient, flexible, easy-to-use tools. The modular Lego development adopted by the project clearly implies a cohesion in the tool design and implementation between the different partners so that a smooth, integrated stream of functionalities can be guaranteed. From the beginning of the project, the leaders of this task have attempted to stimulate on-going discussion and exchange of opinions with the developers with the objective of promoting a smooth, coherent development, thus ensuring total integration between the different tools and consensus in the intentions and scopes of the individual products. Unfortunately, this effort has proved only partially successful. At the present moment, certain tools appear to be following an independent line. We hope that it will be possible to smooth over what should be only a momentary lack of accordance in the near future and that the final version of D 1.1.1 will be reflected in the actual results of the project.
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I.2.5 Expert system tools and techniques

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